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The advanced SEO formula developed after 10 years of meticulous research, testing, and implementing for over 500+ clients.

Keyword research

Research keywords that are relevant, with search volume and buyer intent, and categorize them based on themes. We then identify URLs on your website that can be ranked for the confirmed list of keywords.

On page SEO

This phase includes mainly doing a site audit of your website and identifying areas on your website that can be improved. Some of the tasks include:

  • SEO content writing (i.e. blogging)
  • Internal linkings
  • Title optimizations (H1, H2 tags)
  • Rich snippets 
  • Meta headlines and descriptions
  • Fixing broken links
  • Setting up Google Analytics, Google Search Console
  • Removing duplicate content
  • Improving existing content
  • Caching
  • Standardizing Name, Address, Phone
  • W3C Validation
  • Deep links

Off page SEO

This phase helps your website gain authority in Google’s eyes. Some of the tasks include: 

  • Backlinks from high Domain Authority sites
  • Local citations
  • Link building
  • Web 2.0 backlinks
  • Industry website listings
  • Disavow spammy backlinks
  • Local forums posting
  • Social bookmarking
  • Image optimizations (image alt tags )
  • Optimizing Google My Business
  • Building tiered-backlinks structure
  • Backlinks diversification (blogs, forums, social media etc)
  • Guest blogging
  • Keyword-rich mini sites (domain buying and building up microsites)
  • RSS feed generation
  • Directory listings

Technical SEO

This phase of SEO mainly include technical website fixes to improve your website’s SEO-friendliness. Some tasks include:

  • SEO-friendly URL structure
  • Schema markup
  • Website loading speed
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap
  • SEO code issues
  • Canonical URLs
  • SSL certification (HTTPS)
  • Redirect relevant URLs
  • Indexing status
  • Image optimizations
  • Minify coding
  • Website hosting
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Mobile responsive fix
  • Website structure

Content marketing

We identify topics that are relevant to your customers and write high-quality and unique content on your website. Your website’s content determines which keywords you’ll rank for. So by publishing content that is relevant to the intent of the keywords you’re trying to rank, your keywords’ rankings will improve.


We analyse your competitors, and find ways to get the same high quality backlinks that they have as much as possible.


Once your keywords are ranking on page 1, it doesn’t mean that you can stop SEO. Monthly SEO maintenance, or what we call defending, is important to prevent competitors from ranking above you.

Case studies that show our SEO services work in any industry

Challenge: Very competitive industry + new website

Results: 26 keywords on Page 1

Duration: 9 months

Challenge: Competitive industry + Penalized by Google

Results: 14 keywords on Page 1

Duration: 4 months

Challenge: Very competitive industry

Results: 8 keywords on Page 1

Duration: 7 months

Challenge: Competitive industry + new website

Results: 10 keywords on Page 1

Duration: 10 months

Challenge: Competitive industry + poor quality content

Results: 7 keywords on Page 1

Duration: 9 months

Challenge: Competitive industry + lack of content

Results: 9 keywords on Page 1

Duration: 11 months

Challenge: Penalized by Google for Black Hat SEO

Results: 7 keywords on Page 1

Duration: 4 months

Challenge: Competitive industry + slow site loading speed

Results: 10 keywords on Page 1

Duration: 8 months

Why choose us as your SEO agency?

ROI Driven

Every decision we make is based on getting you the maximum ROI. This starts from identifying keywords with buyer-intent and search volume. Not all keywords are equal. At this stage, most SEO companies might shy away from proposing competitive keywords. We’re not afraid. If we can rank #1 for our own competitive keywords, yours is no different.

Long-lasting SEO techniques

The last thing you want is to get on the top of Google for 1 month then drop down the ranks after that. This happens because some SEO companies use black-hat SEO tactics to achieve short-term results. But when Google picks up on your illegal practices, your rankings will suffer a hit. In some cases, your website might get blacklisted and de-indexed from Google totally.

Our SEO techniques are completely white-hat (in compliance with Google), and meant to generate long-lasting results.

SEO plus content marketing

Most SEO agencies in Singapore do not practice the latest and most advanced SEO techniques, one of which includes content marketing. Content marketing is an essential part of SEO. It involves writing quality content that will educate your customers. Not only does this position you as an authority in your field, consumers will share your articles on social media, and this in turn generates link juice and improves your SEO rankings.

Powerful SEO technology

Our SEO technology and tools allow us to analyse your competition and select the best keywords with the highest chance of getting rankings, conversions, and sales. It allows us to also reverse-engineer your competitors high Domain Authority backlinks, which we can get.

Heroes of Digital is a leading SEO agency in Singapore. As we write this, we’re rank #1 for multiple keywords related to social media marketing on Google Singapore. This means that we’ve beaten the best SEO agencies across Singapore at their own game. If we can do that, we can help you beat your competitors easily.

Certified SEO team

Our SEO team consists of people who are contributors to top SEO blogs in the world, such as Moz. They are constantly updated on any Google algorithm changes. This allows us to adapt our SEO strategies and help our clients maintain top rankings and competitive edge.

24/7 dashboard

When you work with an SEO agency, you have the right to know what you are paying for. We keep you informed of what we do every step of the way, and keep results fully transparent. You’ll get an SEO dashboard that provides you with detailed reporting on your SEO rankings 24/7.



Good value

Need more proof? See what our clients are saying:

Heroes of Digital is the best digital marketing agency in Singapore in my opinion. Increased traffic and quality leads by more than 350% in the period of 6 months. Absolutely pleased with Shane, Vance and team for SEM, SEO, FB marketing. Better ROI than traditional marketing platforms, and much better than previous agencies/ freelancers that I’ve worked with.

Sozo Clinic

Dr. Justin Boey, Director

Shane, Xavier and team are very knowledgeable in digital marketing. They have helped me grow my sales by at least 200%. I have been getting more than a thousand leads every month. Great job!

Triple Lifestyle

James Tan, Director

Tried a lot of agencies some of the big name even with 10 yrs experience and none is comparable to Heroes of Digital. Shane and Xavier are very detailed and knowledgeable, they have managed to reduce my cost per click from Facebook and Google by 100% compared to my old agency. Been in this industry for 6 years and started using digital marketing agencies from day 1. The big agencies don’t bother with smaller companies like us unlike Shane who will put in 101% effort for even small companies like us. I’m very happy to have found them through a friend’s referral.

Luxe Scalp

Riff Lim, Director

CM Central has been very pleased with the results over the past 3-4 months of working with Heroes of Digital. They have helped us enter seamlessly into digital marketing and have over time increase our effectiveness. I really enjoy working with Nicholas and his team as they are very responsive to our needs and very patient in explaining technicalities that we do not understand. Highly recommend them as they are very professional and attentive to customers needs.

Character Montessori

Daniel Ng, Director

The Heroes of Digital team has been a huge catalyst in helping us reach more people to achieve our purpose and passion – creating a healthier community here in SG. The guidance, free flowing communication, and friendliness of the team is exactly what we were looking for with our digital marketing initiatives. We are so grateful for our partnership and value all the hard work they do for us. Keep up the amazing work!

Chiro Studio

Dr. Andrea Mcmaster, Director

The Heroes of Digital team has been a huge catalyst in helping us reach more people to achieve our purpose and passion – creating a healthier community here in SG. The guidance, free flowing communication, and friendliness of the team is exactly what we were looking for with our digital marketing initiatives. We are so grateful for our partnership and value all the hard work they do for us. Keep up the amazing work!

Mortgage Master

Rayner Teh, Director

The Heroes of Digital team has been a huge catalyst in helping us reach more people to achieve our purpose and passion – creating a healthier community here in SG. The guidance, free flowing communication, and friendliness of the team is exactly what we were looking for with our digital marketing initiatives. We are so grateful for our partnership and value all the hard work they do for us. Keep up the amazing work!b. I would usually not write a compliment but i have to give the team my 2 thumbs up for constantly solving our digital marketing woes. Heroes of Digital not only took care of 1 corporate account of ours, but we are more than pleased to entrust all our 4 companies to them, with the latest addition of a F&B establishment. When our inhouse marketing slacks, they are the ones who came after us and give viable solutions to new marketing contents and ideals. They are an extended arm that looks after our business around the clock, to the extend when their Account Manager in charge of our account was away in Switzerland for honeymoon, yet still responding to our whatsapp messages! Never had we stayed for a digital marketing company for more than 3 years, but with Heroes of Digital, we did and we foresee many more years to come.

Floor Empire

Eileen Wong, Director

FAQ Accordion

SEO is the process of ranking your website on Google’s 1st page, for the keywords that are relevant to your business.

Depends. There are factors not within an SEO agency’s control that determine how long you will take to rank on SEO are:
1. Competitiveness of your industry and keywords
2. Your website domain age
3. Your company’s brand awareness in the industry
4. Your PR campaigns

SEO is not suitable for all companies, especially the ones in either of these situations:
1. New company
2. New website
3. Small company with no marketing budget
4. Company that is struggling to survive, and need leads immediately

No we don’t. And you should be careful of SEO agencies that promise page 1 rankings. The fact is nobody can guarantee SEO rankings unless they are from Google. When SEO agencies guarantee rankings, they don’t give you the option of choosing keywords. They choose obscure, long-tail keywords that don’t have any searches. Other than vanity metrics, you can expect negative ROI from such SEO campaigns.

Black-hat SEO techniques are techniques that are geared towards gaming Google’s algorithm. If an SEO agency use any of these techniques, make sure you run away from them:
1. Keyword stuffing
2. Links exchange
3. Private blog network
4. Hidden texts and links
5. Spammy, poor quality, and thin blog content
6. Link cloaking
7. Spam blog and forum commenting
8. Duplicate content Using black-hat will get you penalized from Google, which means your website might get banned and de-indexed from Google totally.

White-hat SEO refers to SEO techniques that comply with Google’s best practices for SEO. Refer to the Advanced SEO Strategies above to find out more about white-hat SEO practices.

Unfortunately, search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu do not have much market share in Singapore. Google (and YouTube) remain the main search engine here.

Before you engage any SEO agencies, you should ask some important questions:
1. What is your SEO process?
2. What do you include in your monthly SEO reports?
3. What are some of the old-school SEO tactics that don’t work anymore?
4. Can I get to choose my own keywords?

Yes it does, but only if you write quality content that is useful and informative for your customers. Most of the time, quality content that ranks on the 1st page of Google have at least 1,500 - 2,000 words.

SEO gets your website ranking on the first page of Google, under the non-sponsored ads section. You don’t pay for every click that happens on your website. On the other hand, SEM places your website on the sponsored ads section, and you have to pay for every click on your ad, cost-per-click prices can range from $1 to $40.

SEO requires alot of effort and technical expertise. Usually when people say SEO without much effort, it involves black-hat SEO. There are black-hat SEO tools out there where you can get tons of backlinks within a few clicks. But we highly recommend you to stay out of such practices.

An SEO-optimized article consists of an SEO-friendly URL, SEO keyword in - title subheadlines, h1 tags, meta tags and descriptions - good quality content, optimized images, outbound links to authoritative sites, internal linkings, fast loading page, long content.

Sometimes your SEO rankings will fluctuate, and this phenomenon is called Google Dance. It is the period where Google is rolling out it’s new algorithm changes. Sometimes, when you first start doing SEO, you might also encounter fluctuations in your rankings. But if you hired a good SEO agency, you don’t have to worry.

Yes. The reasons are:
1. Your competitors will constantly try to outrank you by doing better SEO.
2. You will have new content on your website, which requires SEO optimization.
3. You need to constantly build good quality backlinks to your website.

FAQs about SEO

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